Polyjet 紫外線硬化方式


PolyJet is one of the only 3D printing technologies with multi-color options and material combinations to produce incredibly realistic prototypes. A range of hardnesses (durometers) are also available.


  • Polyjet is capable of creating full-color, high-accuracy parts with the PANTONE colors.
  • Choose a desired hardness or combine material properties into a single build.
  • Shore A hardnesses of 30A, 40A, 50A, 60A, 70A, 85A, 95A, and rigid are available.
  • Opaque and transparent photopolymers provide excellent visual detail.


  • Shifter

  • Human brain model

  • Container

  • Part sample (rubber-like material)

Printing Process

The liquid resin is heated to obtain optimum viscosity for printing. The print head then projects hundreds of micro-droplets of UV-sensitive photopolymer resin. A UV light, integrated in the print head, cures the material deposited and solidifies it to create the layer. Thin layers build up on the tray to create a precise model or 3D part. Multi-material and polychromatic printing is possible because the printhead holder has many nozzles capable of spraying several materials simultaneously.

Modeling machines

Machine Stratasys

J750/Objet500 CONNEX3


Acrylic UV curable resin (PP-like, ABS-like, Rubber-like, etc.)

Maximum build envelope

x490 × y390 × z200 mm

Property Comparison Tool