3D Technology Services 3Dテクノロジーサービス

3D Technology Services

Cutting-edge technology produces the highest quality results

Yasojima Proceed’s industry leading technology allows us to accomplish any 3D printing goal.

Yasojima Proceed pioneered 3D printing services before it became mainstream in the plastics industry here in Japan.

Since then, we have refined our technology through experience and today we have some of the best facilities and technology centers in Japan. Yasojima is proud to offer the highest level of technologies in the industry and our own know-how in the industry is unrivaled.

We offer a wide range of services to meet our customer’s needs.

  • Swift prototype production.
  • Mass production with 3D modeling.
  • 3D data conversion of products and drawings.
  • Save time and costs over conventional parts manufacturing.

 Yasojima will work with your organization to quickly develop the right solution for your needs.

The difference between Yasojima Proceed and other companies

  • Technology and know-how cultivated over 80 years of manufacturing.
  • Japan’s industry leading 3D printer facilities exceed quality standards.
  • Comprehensive capabilities and services covering everything from 3D scanning to design and manufacturing.
  • Experience and achievements in fields such as industrial products, medical and construction.
  • Our engineers and sales professionals have expert knowledge and take a forward vision partnership approach dedicated to providing your company with full-service manufacturing and 3D printing strategies to deliver real results.


3D Printing

We use a wide variety of state-of-the-art 3D printing equipment capable of producing 3D printed parts and components of any size suitable for use in any industry. Our sales professionals can help you identify the critical-to-quality features of your project, define what mechanical and physical properties are key, select the most suitable machining and 3D printing materials, and present manufacturing options to suit your timeline and end-use goal.

Reverse Engineering

We can create highly accurate data with 3D scanning technology to suit each application and purpose. Our experience with reverse engineering allows up to scan, compare, verify, color map, and produce 3D plastic models of existing objects.

3D Scanning / CT Scanning

We utilize a variety of high-end 3D scanners and CT scanners exclusive to Yasojima and can select the most suitable equipment convert your existing parts and products into highly accurate 3D data. On-site service and comparison verification are also available.

3D Design

With our experience working with customers and partners on manufacturing and production sites, we can work quickly to produce detailed designs with 3D CAD.

Production Flow