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3D CAD Design

Find 3D CAD designers, mechanical engineers, product experts & more here at Yasojima Proceed. Our team is extremely professional, with quick responses and competitive pricing.

If you are looking for the best engineering design services, do not look further. Our experienced 3D CAD designers are here to help you develop your most innovative ideas in the Industries like Medical, Robot, and Automobile, etc. Our team at Yasojima Proceed fully believes in the importance of open communication throughout the product development process. We will be glad to answer all your questions and advise you on the best path to achieve your goals.

CAD Design Services

We utilise our techniques to create high-quality 3D printable files that meet your design requirements.
We also perform analysis at the design stage 

How It Works

Lightweight Design by Topology Optimization

Yasojima Proceed propose the optimal structure using three simulation technologies: “dimension optimization” that optimizes dimensions as a variable, “shape optimization” that uses the outer shape as a variable, and “topology optimization”, which is attracting attention as a design method for weight reduction.

Embossing process

Digital technology is used to apply grain processing to the surface of the product. Since it is possible to perform digital modeling using image data, the degree of design freedom is increased compared to conventional grain processing. By inserting grains on the data, it is possible to express multiple types of grains at once. Yatojima Proceed can transfer your design requirements accurately to any plastic surface.

How Digital Embossing Is Done

FEM Analisys

Yasojima Proceed has a broad know-how in the application and evaluation of CAE(FEM)calculations. Through highly accurate and time-efficient processes along with 3D scanning and 3D Printing services, you can shorten the development time from ideation to mass production.