Greeting MESSAGE


Message from the President

Founded in 1949, Yasojima Proceed, Co Ltd has been a pioneer in the plastics machining and engineering industry in Japan.

Go beyond our customers’ expectations.

At the time of our founding, we could guarantee the dimensional accuracy of a part in millimeters, but as a result of innovations in the industry and the expertise of our engineers, we can now machine and engineer plastic parts with accuracy measured to the micrometer. Over time, the material we work with has shifted from fiber and Bakelite to super engineering plastics such as PEEK and PI.

It takes ten years to build a castle, but only a day to fall.

Despite having over 80 years of experience and building the trust of our customers and partners, we will continue to innovate and maintain our position as a market leader in the ever-changing 3D printing and plastics industry. We are committed to exceeding the expectations of our customers and business partners.

Our company name includes the word “Proceed”. We will continue to advance, improve, and innovate with an untiring spirit in order to become a supporting member of the global manufacturing industry.

We are committed to being a company trusted by professional engineers and look forward to your continuing support.


Yuka Ito