Our Processing Technology

The cutting edge technology developed and enriched by Yasojima Proceed

In 1909, Leo Hendrik Baekeland succeeded in industrializing phenol resin. Bakelite was said to be the first fully synthetic resin manufactured without using animal and plant based raw materials.
Yasojima Proceed Co., Ltd. was established in 1937.
It also was 1937 when polystyrene and acrylic resin were successfully industrialized, and then, the development of polyamide (nylon) followed.
Since then, Yasojima has been growing, along with the development and improvement of plastic.

Yasojima, specialized in plastic products, manufactures high precision products, by employing its advanced technologies and capability obtained under rich experiences and endless efforts. It also offers a variety of advices and proposals on plastic materials that meet the requirements of customers' needs.

Technology Mission

Under the slogan "From Imagination to Creation.", Yasojima Proceed always aims to manufacture ultimate products through the integration of digital and analog technologies and by fully utilizing the-state-of-art 3D technology and machining technology.

Sendai Factory

Precision machining, micromachining and roughness control processing are carried out at Sendai Factory designed optimally and constructed with anti-vibration structure.

(Anti-Vibration Floor Structure)

The factory was designed and constructed, based on academic advices and guidance provided by School of Engineering, Tohoku University Graduate.
The floor with the anti-vibration structure protect the building from vibrations caused externally and also avoids transferring them to other areas.

Introduction of Our Processing Technology

High precision machining

Optimum processes and machining requirements are examined and decided, subject to the characteristics of resin material and shapes, for producing the accuracy and precision required by customers.

  • Three dimensional machiningThree dimensional machining
  • Integrating machining processIntegrating machining process
  • Post-Assembly machiningPost-Assembly machining

Micro precision machining

Appropriate environment and facilities are established for machining dimensional tolerance and geometrical tolerance in μ unit, as well as an inspection system in which micro precision machined products are verified.

  • Micro precision machiningMicro precision machining

Micro hole drilling

Micro hole drilling of which process can be affected by fractional vibrations, is performed under the environment where anti-vibration, temperature & humidity control are fully established.

  • Micro hole drillingMicro hole drilling

Free form surface machining.

High accuracy 5-axis simultaneous control machining is employed to machine shapes with free form.

  • Free form surface machining.Free form surface machining.

Welding (PEEK)

High-precision welding excelling in heat resistance, chemical resistance and wear resistance is performed.

  • Welding (PEEK)Welding (PEEK)

Lapping & Polishing

Parallelism and flatness are lapped and surfaces are polished.

  • LappingLapping
  • PolishingPolishing


In addition to machining resin parts, other part made of different material are also assembled together.

  • アセンブリ加工Assembly

Our Processing Technology

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