MEDICALElectrical Screwdriver for Neurosurgery

Small-quantity medical equipment designed, prototyped, and produced using a variety of 3D printing materials and manufacturing methods

Whatever your needs, Yasojima’s medical sales professionals and engineers can quickly and confidently provide advice and guidance when it comes to realizing your design in our state-of-the-art technology centers.


SLS (powder sintering lamination method)


PPSU, Nylon 12


φ45 x 200mm



  • Material selection difficulty.
  • Unreasonable pricing for individual parts in small purchasing.


  • Realization of idea.
  • Reasonable pricing for small purchasing.


Final version of battery holder after many trials and errors.

Yasojima presented a comprehensive design and production proposal according to the medical device manufacturer’s needs. The battery holder was 3D printed with design changes to improve usability, safety, and durability. The parts that combined to form the body of the driver required precision machining. Because only a small number of devices were required to be produced, Yasojima was able to significantly reduce lead time by eliminating the need to create molds or drawings and working with CAD data only.

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