MEDICALMounting plate to prevent tangled infusion lines

Mounting plate to prevent tangled infusion lines

Take advantage of 3D printing materials. Yasojima utilizes a network of supply partners to offer a variety of specialty resins and materials for a wide variety of applications. We can recommend 3D printing materials that are strong, durable, and ideal for realistic and reliable 3D printed prototypes as well as in the production of end-use models.

For example, the toughness of nylon 12 and the design freedom of 3D printing make it possible for Yasojima to produce medical jigs and parts that are customized to suit your needs and will reduce the burden on your staff, helping to increase productivity and safety in your organization.

Processing method

HP Multi Jet Fusion(3D Printing)


PA12 (Nylon 12)



Yasojima was contacted by a medical organization with the following requirement.


Infusion line connectors can easily become entangled when using more than one at a time. It is troublesome for our medical practitioners and could potentially be dangerous. We require a reliable and durable mount that can safely and securely fix the connectors in place so our medical staff can focus on the patient.”


Yasojima designed a 3D printed jig with Nylon 12 as it is able to reproduce the physical characteristics of structures such as springs and hinges. The jig allows infusion line connectors to be spring mounted in place, with no moving parts, on a single mounting plate. It is reliable, durable, and easy to operate.