3D Printing Materials

3D Printing Materials

Yasojima Proceed will help you select the best material for your project or improve the quality of your prints with tips from our experts.

Yasojima utilizes a network of supply partners to offer specialty resins for a wide variety of applications in special load environments. We will work with your organization to quickly develop the right solution for your needs. We can identify the critical-to-quality features of your project, define what mechanical and physical properties are key, select the most suitable 3D printing materials, and present manufacturing options to suit your timeline and end-use goal.

Introducing various types of 3D printing materials used at Yasojima.

FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)

  • ABS-M30 (ABS standard grade)
  • ABS-ESD7 (ABS anti-static grade)
  • ASA (ABS weather resistant grade)
  • Nylon6
  • Nylon12
  • Nylon12CF (Nylon 12 carbon fiber reinforced grade)
  • PC
  • PC-ABS
  • ULTEM™1010 (PEI)
  • ULTEM™9085 (PEI)
  • Antero™800NA (PEKK)
  • Antero™840CN03 (PEKK antistatic grade)
  • ST130 (material for disappearing model)

SLS(Selective Laser Sintering)

  • PA2200 (Nylon 12)

HP Multi Jet Fusion

  • PA12
  • PA12GB (glass reinforced grade)
  • PP

Powder Bed Fusion

  • PPS
  • PPS GF (glass fiber reinforced grade)
  • PPS CF (carbon fiber reinforced grade)

PolyJet(Ultraviolet curing method)

  • Transparent resin (VeroClear)
  • Transparent resin (VeroClear)
  • Medical resin (MED610)
  • Rubber-like resin (Agilus)
  • PP-like resin (Durus white)
  • ABS-like resin Binder Jetting (powder sticking lamination method)

Binder Jetting

  • Plaster