PPSPolyphenylene sulfide

PPS (Polyphenylene sulfide)

Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) is a high-performance, engineering thermoplastic characterized by a unique combination of properties. These properties range from high temperature and chemical resistance to rigidity and dimensional stability. It exhibits an excellent dimensional stability even when used under high temperature and high humidity conditions. PPS also exhibits excellent electrical insulation properties and is suitable for applications in the automotive, semiconductor, electrical, and chemical pump industries. PPS is an ideal material of choice to produce complex parts with very tight tolerances.

※Yasojima utilizes a network of supply partners to offer a variety of PPS materials from a number of manufacturers.


Thermal resistance

Suitable for continuous use temperatures of 220℃ with a melting point of 278. Because of its inherent flame retardancy, PPS is ideal for high temperature electrical applications. Please be aware that the glass transition point is 88.

Mechanical properties

It has a stable mechanical strength at high temperatures, but be aware that notch sensitivity is relatively high.

Chemical resistance

It has high chemical resistance and is particularly resistant to organic solvents.

Water absorptivity

PPS resin is highly crystalline and its chemical structure does not have a high affinity for water; therefore, it is less prone to dimensional changes and strength decreases due to water absorption.

Electrical characteristics

PPS has excellent electrical insulation properties in a wide frequency bandwidth and both the high-volume resistivity and insulation resistance are retained after exposure to high-humidity environments.

Basic size


Length x width x height (mm)
1000 x 500 x (6~100)


Diameter x length (mm)

※Sizes other than those listed above are also available. Contact us for details.


40% glass fiber reinforced PPS black

40% glass fiber filled.
It has higher rigidity and creep resistance.
Plates…100t  Rods…~φ150

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Typical applications

  • Semiconductor manufacturing parts.
  • LCD manufacturing equipment.
  • Automotive parts.
  • Chemical pump parts.
  • Precision machinery parts etc.