MELDIN 7000 series are wholly aromatic polyimide materials that have high thermal resistance, exhibit extremely high dimensional stability at both cryogenic and high temperatures, and can operate at temperatures up to 482℃ for short periods of time. Due to its high plasma resistance, creep resistance, and electrical insulation properties, Meldin is an ideal choice for semi-conductor applications that require vacuum chambers


Thermal resistance

Suitable for continuous use temperatures of 315 and an intermittent use temperature of 482.

Excellent low temperature characteristics make it possible to operate in liquid hydrogen.

Creep resistance

These materials all display minimal deformation under load. Testing has shown Meldin to have less than 0.04% variation from its original dimensions after cycling from 22.77C to 260C over a 2-day period.

Plasma resistances

Meldin provides high plasma and radiation resistance due to its remarkably low outgassing properties in a vacuum.

Wear characteristics

With a high strength-to-weight ratio, these products exhibit good durability and wear resistance.

Dimensional stability

Meldin provides excellent structural integrity and low deformation at cryogenic and high temperatures.

Solvent and oil resistance

Meldin is resistant to some solvents and industrial fuel such as engine oil.

Basic size


Length x width x height (mm)
304 x 304 x (50.8)


Diameter x length (mm)
φ6.3~82.5 x 965

Sizes other than those listed above are also available. Contact us for details.


Sliding Grade

Filled with 15% graphite.
It has a higher PV value and more excellent wear characteristics.


Plates…(~50.8t) rods…φ6.3~63.5

Typical applications

  • Semiconductor manufacturing parts.
  • LCD manufacturing equipment.
  • Glass containers manufacturing equipment.
  • Aerospace related parts.
  • Precision machinery parts.
  • High isolation terminals etc.