Polyether SulfonePES

Sumika Excel PES, transparent amber colored amorphous resin, is equipped with the highest level of heat resistance among transparent plastics, and excels in practical and mechanical characteristics.
This high-performance thermoplastics is equipped with flexural modules at the temperatures between 100℃ to 150℃ and creep resistance of up to 180℃.


  • Sockets for BGAs and CSPs
  • Parts for medical equipment
  • Parts for hot-water piping equipment
  • Relays and connectors
  • Valve sheets
  • Observation windows
  • Coil bobbins, and others

Features and Merits

❶ Improvement in perceptivity

PES4100G, equipped with superior mechanical strength and high transparency, is employed to increase perceptivity up into sockets.

Application Surface coating sockets
Material PES4100G (Natural Grade)
Size 150×60×10mm
Merits Transparent, mechanical strength

❷ Weight reduction by replacing glass

PES with superior heat resistance and steam resistance, is introduced for the covers to be used for commercial steam ovens.

Applications Covers for commercial steamers & ovens
Material PES4100G (Natural Grade)
Size 240×150×5mm
Merits Steam resistance, food-safety , transparent, light weight , anti-breakage


Heat resistance

  • Continuous service temperature of 180℃
  • Deflection temperature under load (1.82 MPa) of 203℃
  • Elastic modulus in hot water and steam up to 160℃
  • No hydrolyzing
  • A low coefficient of linear thermal expansion, and non-temperature dependent properties

Shock resistance

  • Impact strength equals to that of polycarbonate.


  • Superior transparency among heat resistance plastics.

Chemical resistance

  • Gasoline, engine oil, grease and other oils resistant

Grades and Standards

[ Unit: mm ]

PES unfilled grade

PES4100G (Sumitomo Chemical)

Plate 1000×500×5-20mm

* For more size options, contact us.

* Customer-made available other grades. For details, contact us.

Properties Table

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