PEEK is a high-performance engineering plastic with outstanding resistance to harsh chemicals and excellent mechanical strength and dimensional stability. PEEK polymer provides exceptional performance over a wide range of temperatures and extreme conditions.

It provides a unique combination and range of high-performance properties. PEEK polymers have prompted advances across industries such aerospace, oil and gas, semiconductor, medical field, food and many others.

Yasojima Proceed is a licenced Victrex PEEK supplier.

Unique combination of properties

High temperatures resistance

Can be adapted to work at 260℃, and can also work continuously and have a melting point around 343°C.
UL 94 V-0 flammability rating
(0.059″ thickness)

Wear resistance and lubricity

Excellent wear resistance with some PEEK having extremely low coefficients of friction and wear.

Chemical resistance

Stable chemical resistance. Resistant to chemicals, acids, concentrated sulfuric acid, alkalis, organic solvents and other chemicals.

Hydrolysis resistance

It offers hydrolysis resistance to steam, water, and sea water, along with the ability to maintain stiffness at high temperatures.

Irradiation resistance

Very strong ability to resist gamma irradiation,


Length× width× thickness (mm)
1000 x 500 x 5~60
Diameter× Length (mm)
φ6~200 x 1000

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Carbon fiber reinforced Grade

Flame rated chemical resistant, creep resistant, flame retardant, and good dimensional stability
A super engineering alloy, super engineering blend, PEEK material. 
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Offers enhanced mechanical and thermal properties over those of basic PEEK.

Bearing Grade 

Has enhanced bearing and wear properties.

Medical Grade

Medical Grade Biocompatible, specially developed to meet the requirements for materials used in medical technology. Contact us for more.

Cross-linked PEEKP Arlon 3000XT®

by Greene TweedWith excellent thermal stability, Arlon® is suitable for tough, long-life applications.

Please ask for more specific information and grades.

PEEK is widely used for

  • Semiconductor machinery components
  • Bushings, bearings, seals, and back-up rings
  • Pump and valve components Vacuum wand handles
  • Down hole electrical connectors
  • Medical instrument parts
  • Food processing machinery components