Polyether Ether KetoneVICTREX® PEEK & SUMIPLOY® CK4600

PEEK is heat-resistant thermoplastic equipped with superior mechanical characteristics, as well as low metal ion elution and gas discharging properties.
PEEK, with its superior fatigue, impact and creep resistance, can be used with chemicals other than concentrated sulfuric acid and also be welded.


  • Semiconductor manufacturing equipment parts
  • LCD manufacturing equipment parts
  • Cleaning jigs
  • Chemicals industry equipment parts
  • Precision equipment parts
  • Insulated terminals
  • Parts for food and beverage manufacturing equipment, and others

  • Various processed products

  • Semiconductor related parts

  • Propellers

  • Drawn components

Features and Merits

❶ Joint development item with the semiconductor production equipment manufacturer

Weldable PEEK is employed for the purpose of minimizing cost incurred by the number of product assembly.

Application Manifold of semiconductor production equipment
Material PEEK450G (Natural Grade)
Size Φ150×800mm
Merits Mechanical strength, creeping property, weldable

❷ Weight reduction

PEEK, with high specific intensity, is employed for the purpose of weight reduction.

Application Bearing holders for automobiles
Material PEEK450G (Natural Grade)
Size Φ75×Φ60×16mm
Merits Light weight, abrasion resistance, high mechanical strength, heat resistance

❸ Complicated shapes can be produced by welding and melting PEEK.

PEEK is employed to manufacture shapes which are complicated to be machined and/or which create a large volume of material waste.

Application Wafer carrier for semiconductor cleaning equipment
Material PEEK450G (Natural Grade)
Size (700)×350×300mm
Merits Weldable, chemical resistance, heat resistance, mechanical strength, manufacturing accuracy

❹ Alternative material for metals

Carbon fiber reinforced PEEK of which material allows X-ray to transmit is now employed to replace conventional stainless steel surgical instruments.

Application External fixator for fracture treatment
Material Sumiploy CK4600 (PEEK Carbon Fiber 30% Reinforcement Grade)
Size 120×18×11mm
Merits Mechanical strength, radio-translucent, light weight, weldable, manufacturing accuracy


Heat characteristics

  • Continuous service temperature of 240℃ *Melting point: 334℃
  • Deflection temperature under load of 140℃
  • Continuous service temperature of 200 - 260℃ in hot water
  • PEEK can be applied in pressurized hot water and steam up to 300℃

Abrasion resistance

  • Superior wear resistance and abrasion resistance is obtained under a wide range of sliding conditions.

Chemical characteristics

  • PEEK does not dissolve in chemicals other than concentrated sulfuric acid, and possesses low metal ion elution and gas discharge properties.

Hydrolysis resistance

  • Properties are not affected after being long-term immersed in high temperature steam and/or hot water.

Excellent electrical property

  • Superior insulation and dielectric characteristics is performed at a wide range of temperatures and frequencies.

High Purity

  • Low-outgas and high purity which is required in the manufacturing of semiconductors and medical equipment excels.

Radiation resistance

  • A highest level of resistance against gamma ray is obtained among thermoplastic resins.

Food Safety

  • FDA approved material.

Grades and Standards

[ Unit: mm ]

PEEK Unfilled Grade


Victrex PEEK 450G

Plates 1000×500×5-60t
Rods 1000×Φ6-200

* For more size options, contact us.

PEEK Carbon Fiber Reinforcement Grade

Sumiploy CK4600 (Sumitomo Chemical)

The material consists of PEEK added with approximately 30% of carbon fiber.

Plates 1000×300×5-30t(only 10t: 1000×500)
Rods 1000×Φ10-100

* For more size options, contact us.


  • PEEK Glass fiber Reinforcement Grade
  • PEEK Sliding Grade
  • PEEK Medical Grade

* For more size and grade options, contact us.

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