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Yasojima Proceed has been operating for more than 80 years since its foundation. Based on its advanced processing technology and plastic material procurement capacity developed while processing the high-performance plastics, we have opened a NextMED R&D Office specializing in medical field at Kobe Biomedical Cluster (Kobe Port Island) in October 2007.

Since its establishment, NextMED R&D Office has mainly manufactured implantable and important parts of medical equipment and sterilization related products.

In 2011, we introduced high-end 3D printers. Today, we have 4 models of high-end 3D printers (total 16 units) and create various products such as anatomically correct organ models for endoscopic surgery training and other training related products, exactly reproduced by our new manufacturing method.
Currently, we are developing new materials to reproduce not only the shape of organs but also their texture for endoscopic training models.

3D CAD data creation from medical (DICOM) data and visualization models

Create 3D CAD data from MRI and CT data (DICOM) and make visualization model

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Medical Equipment Development Achievement

Electric screwdriver for neurosurgery

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Endoscopic surgical training model and related products

Fabricate training products by 3D printing and processing

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Medical equipment

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