Cutting-edge technology backed by 80 years of experience.

Yasojima offers high-precision resin machining technologies that have been refined for over 80 years. We select the most appropriate machining processes based on the mechanical and physical properties of the material used and the shape of the product as well as manufacture resin-based products to suit your end-use goal.


Machining accuracy and variation reduction, the accuracy of free-form shapes, microfabrication, thin wall machining, complex welding processing, improvement of surface roughness, and burr-free machining are all features 3D printing and machining with Yasojima can bring to your project.


We can help you identify the critical-to-quality features of your project, define what mechanical and physical properties are key, select the most suitable machining and 3D printing materials, and present manufacturing options to suit your timeline and end-use goal.

Introduction of Machining Technology

High-precision Machining

Achieve extremely fine grooving with no variation in dimensional accuracy.

  • Comparison of a 0.5mm mechanical pencil lead and a machined part

  • Enlarged view

Measurements of machined grooves

unit : mm

PitchGroove width
Maximum – Minimum0.0050.006
Standard deviation0.00090.0014

outsourcing measurement




20 x 0.5 x 0.5mm

  • 30 grooves with a width of 0.25mm and a depth of 0.25mm machined in extremely small strips of material.
  • Variation in groove pitch is within 5μm for all 30 grooves.
  • Verified using an inspection system with micron-level accuracy.

Free-form Machining

Our machining technologies can achieve extremely small and thin complex shapes.




φ11 x 20mm

Machined blades with a thickness of 0.3mm.

Intricate R-curved surfaces machined under conditions that eliminate the occurrence of damage, cracks, and deformation during the machining process.

Surface Finishing

Micro-level flatness, polished mirror finishes, and burr-free machining are all features 3D printing and machining with Yasojima can bring to your project. By selecting the most suitable material and finishing process, it is possible to achieve the required finish at a micro level.




φ60 x 10mm

  • A mirror finish with a surface roughness of Ra0.01μm and flatness of 0.005μm after polishing.

Surface Finish (Controlling surface roughness)

There are many ways to control surface roughness depending on the material used and design of the product. Flawless mirror finishes can be achieved if the machining process is carefully controlled. Surface roughness can be reduced by controlling vibration, choosing the ideal machining technology and cutting tools, and working with the most appropriate material.

Any inconsistencies or contaminants present during precision machining parts will affect the quality of the finish and efficiency of production. Even precision machined parts need finishing after rough machining to achieve the desired results.

Yasojima has developed a unique system to control the surface roughness of free-form parts and can achieve a surface roughness of Ra0.09μm. Our manufacturing facilities are temperature and humidity controlled and feature vibration-proof equipment and flooring.


Medical grade PPSU


55 x 20 x 10mm / 65 x 45 x 15mm

  • Artificial joints require high-precision and continuous measurements to determine the relevant surface parameters in a fast and non-destructive way.


PEEK plastic welding can produce a variety of shapes that cannot be achieved by machining alone. PEEK, which is highly resistant to heat, can be extremely difficult to weld; however, Yasojima has invented PEEK welding techniques that eliminate the possibility of defects such as voids and thermal deformation during manufacturing. Our exclusive welding processes ensure that part strength is uncompromised.




φ25 x 55mm

  • Welding performed on the inside of the product provides strong and permanent joints that make up the structure of the product.



350 x 200 x 200mm

  • Yasojima is able to manufacture large shapes that exceed standard sizes resulting in a reduction of material loss.


In addition to machining, Yasojima can also assemble manufactured parts regardless of material.

Yasojima provides innovative 3D printing and machining solutions that give you freedom of design and a seamless transition from prototyping, manufacturing, and assembly of your custom end-use parts.


Glass fiber reinforced grade PEEK


600 x 150 x 30mm

  • Epoxy sealing after assembly of metal and rubber parts.