Online Webinar: End-use parts manufactured by 3D Printers using CT Scanners.

【 Theme 】 「End-use parts manufactured by 3D Printers using CT Scanners.」

“Introduction of Dimensional X-ray CT Device METROTOM and AM practical examples of end-use parts in the world” by Carl Zeiss.

“Building a quality assurance system to control and assure end-use parts ~ Manufacturing is moving up to the next stage ~ ” by Yasojima Proceed

【 Folketing session 】 Tuesday May 17, 2022 ① 11:00-12:00 ② 16:00-17:00.
   ※Run by Microsoft Teams Microsoft Webinar / Free of charge / Pre-registration required.

【 Holding method 】 online ※Teams Webinar

【 Participation fee 】 Free of charge(Pre-registration required.)

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【 Seminar outline 】

◇ Carl Zeiss
 -  Features of the dimensional X-ray CT device METROTOM.
 -  Accuracy assurance.
 -  Practical examples of end-use parts.

◇Yasojima Proceed
 -  Total support from design proposal to modeling to testing to inspection with and precisely manufactured that can only be evaluated by Carl Zeiss technology.
 -  Thanks to this new technology, Yasojima can evaluate the quolity and suitability of it’s Product and end-use parts.