PTFE special CompoundSUMIKASUPER® S300

Sumika Super S300 is resin where PTFE is added with Sumika Super E101, and demonstrates superior sliding properties. Poor wear resistance and compression creep characteristics which are demerits of PTFE have been remarkably improved in Sumika Super S300, while maintaining low wear coefficient of PTFE.
It is mainly used for sliding parts, bearings, bushes and washers.


  • Sliding parts
  • Bearings
  • Bushes
  • Washers and others

  • Industrial machine related parts

  • Food manufacturing related parts

Features and Merits

❶ The improvement in sliding properties reduced abnormal noises and motor load.

Sumika Super S300, owing to its superior sliding properties, is employed for bushes used for metal etchers by a semi-conductor manufacturing devices.

Applications Bushes for the metal etcher of semiconductor manufacturing devices.
Material Sumika Super S300
Size Φ80×120mm
Merits abnormal noises and motor load is reduced, owing to the improvement in sliding properties.

❷ Reduced replacement frequency

Conventional PTFE was replaced with Sumika Super S300 which excels in wear resistance and sliding properties, for the purpose of reducing replacements.

Applications Scrapper for conveyor line of baked confectioneries
Material Sumika Super S300
Size 90×60×5mm
Merits Wear resistance, sliding properties.

❸ Improved maintainability

Sumika Super S300 which excels in wear resistance is employed for the line plates of the conveyor lines that carry chemical containers.

Applications Conveyer plates for containers
Material Sumika Super S300
Size 270×110×8mm
Merits Heat resistance, wear resistance, sliding properties, chemical resistance


Heat resistant

  • Continuous use up to the temperature of 260℃

Chemical resistant

  • Sumika Super 300S is not affected or deteriorated by general organic solvents and/or oils at higher temperatures.

Sliding properties

  • Low friction coefficient provides superior stability.
  • Highest PV limit is possessed among non-lubricated sliding materials.
  • Soft metals including stainless steel and aluminium are less damaged.
  • Long-term stability is maintained in properties.
  • Superior water lubricity is performed.

Sliding properties (vs SUS304)
Item Friction factor
K(mm/km) / (kg/cm2)
Friction factor μ Stability of μ SUS304 damage level
S300 1.2×10-5 0.20
Pure PTFE 6000×10-5 0.18
Glass fiber / PTFE(20/80) 16.7×10-5 0.29
Graphite / PTFE(15/85) 308×10-5 0.19
Glass fiber / MoS2 / PTFE(15/5/80) 25.7×10-5 0.26
Bronze / PTFE(30/70) 17.4×10-5 0.23
Carbon fiber / PTFE(25/75) 24.3×10-5 0.24

Conditions: Room temperature-DRY, Pressure P=6kg/cm2, Speed V=40m/min, Measurement time 7hs Surface finishing of opposite [facing] material Sanded with #1200 sandpaper (0.08μRa)

Abrasion Resistance (to aluminum)
Item Friction factor
K(mm/km) / (kg/cm2)
Friction factor μ Stability of μ アルミニウム 磨耗量(mg)
S300 1.5×10-5 0.21 0.1以下
Glass fiber / PTFE(25/75) 2200×10-5 0.34 67.4
Carbon fiber / PTFE(25/75) 1200×10-5 0.23 50.7

Conditions: Room temperature-DRY, Pressure P=10kg/cm2, Speed V=40m/min, Measurement time S300 20hr, Others 2hr, Aluminum Material JIS5052, Surface finishing of opposite material, Sanded with #1200 sandpaper (0.8μRa)

Grades and Standards

[ Unit: mm ]

Sumika Super S300
(PTFE added with Sumika Super E101  * Sumika Super E101 is made by Sumitomo Chemical)

Sumika Super S300

Plate 300×300×5-30t
Rod (Φ13~100)×(50-100)

* For more size options, contact us.

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