Wholly Aromatic PolyesterSUMIKASUPER® S1000

Sumika Super S1000 series is aromatic polyester resin equipped with superior heat resistant of a service temperature of 260℃, without being molten deformed at the temperature of 400℃.
Its low cutting resistance and minimum melting to be caused due to heat generation, provides superior dimensional stability. This product, with minimum occurrence of burr, also is suitable for micromachining.

NEW dimension!

Advantage on 200X200 mm (compared with 100X100mm).

  1. 1.Manufacturing larger size.
  2. 2.High manufacturing yield. / Low rejection rate.
  3. 3.Processing efficiency. / Speed improvement.


  • Probing Jig / Wire probe
  • IC socket
  • Block of LCD Prober
  • others

  • Micromachined parts

Features and Merits

❶ Micro hole drilling at 10μ

Sumika Super S1000, with superior dimensional stability displayed in sockets during the inspection process where micromachining is required and with minimum occurrence of burr, is employed.

Applications IC inspection socket
Material Sumika Super S1000
Size 60×60×2mm
Merits Dimensional stability, minimum burr

❷ It eliminates uneven film formation caused by low water absorption

Sumika Super S1000, with low water absorption, builds the even film formation of a substrate

Applications (Solar battery) Carrier parts of CVD device
Material Sumika Super S1000
Size 70×70×7mm
Merits Low water absorption, prevention of carrier cracks and breakage

❸ It is useable under severe temperature environment

Sumika Super S1000, equipped with a service temperature of 260℃ for continuous use and a temperature of 400℃ for short use, is employed.

Applications (Industrial equipment) Work holder for a welding machine
Material Sumika Super S1000
Size 55×30×6mm
Merits Heat resistance, dimensional stability


Heat resistance

  • Service temperature of 260℃ is applicable for continuous use, and 400℃ for short intervals
  • Superior dimensional stability with low linear expansion coefficient is provided.

Water absorbency

  • Its water absorption (0.04%) is one digit lower than polyimide resin.


  • It is fire-resistant, and generated gas mainly consist of carbon dioxide.

Mechanical workability

  • It produces few burrs when machined, making it suitable for microfabrication
  • Does not melt easily when machined, resulting in very clean cut surfaces

Minimum working size

Min. hole diameter:
30μm(0.03mm)* Thickness 0.5mm
Min Inter-hole wall thickness:
10μm(0.01mm)* Condition: Hole diameter 0.07mm Hole pitch 0.08mm

Grades and Standards

[ Unit: mm ]

S1000 Unfilling Grade

S1000 NATURAL (Unfilling)

Length Width Thickness
100 100 5, 10, 15, 20
250 50 10, 15, 20
200 200 10, 20
Length Diameter
1000 10, 14, 19, 24, 30

If you would hope for S1000 thin sheet, we can supply it.

100 x 100 mm   Tolerance
thickness +0.01 / -0.01 mm
Flatness <0.03 mm
200 x 200 mm   Tolerance
thickness +0.02 / -0.02 mm
Flatness <0.07 mm

Achievement : Thickness 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.5, 2.0, 3.0 (mm)

Properties Table

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