PolybenzimidazolePBI®(PBI is registered trademark PBI Performance Product Co., Ltd.)

PBI, as resin, possesses markedly high heat resistance with the thermal decomposition temperature of 600℃ and higher, the deflection temperature under load of up to 410℃ and the glass transition temperature (Tg) of 427℃.
PBI, also excelling in both mechanical and electrical properties, is employed to replace conventional resin alternatives and other alternative materials including carbon, C/C composite, ceramics and metals.


  • Semiconductor/LCD manufacturing equipment parts
  • Glass manufacturing jigs and parts
  • Electrical/electronic device components
  • Electrical insulation parts
  • Thermal insulation parts
  • Sliding parts

  • LCD production related parts

  • Bar-shaped machining parts

Features and Merits

❶ Alternative to ceramic

PBI, excelling in heat resistance, is used for the glass substrate reception units of a film forming equipment as alternative to conventional for the purpose of minimizing cost and reducing breakage and damage.

Application Glass substrate reception roller for the film forming equipment
Material PBI-SCM7000 (Natural Grade)
Size Φ25×40mm
Advantage Heat resistance, mechanical strength, abrasion resistance

❷ Productivity improvement

PBI, excelling in heat resistance and plasma resistance, is used for the glass substrate reception parts of a film forming equipment used in the manufacturing process of color filters.

Application Substrate receiving parts used in the manufacturing process of color filters.
Material PBI-SCM7000 (Natural Grade)
Size 150×30×5mm
characteristics Heat resistance, plasma resistance, cleanness, mechanical strength

❸ Heat insulation improved by low thermal conductivity

PBI, excelling in high heat insulation and low heat-conductivity, is used for the heat insulation parts of molding machines.

Application Heat insulation spacer
Material PBI-SCM7000 (Natural Grade)
Size Φ25×Φ7×5
Characteristics Heat resistance, low thermal conductivity


Heat resistance

  • Deflection temperature under load of 435℃, glass transition point of 427℃.
  • PBI is noninflammable to the temperature (momentary) up to 760℃ and enables physical properties to be maintained at the temperatures as low as -200℃.
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion of PBI is similar to that of aluminum and brass.
  • UL 94 V-0 rated.

Mechanical characteristics

  • Tensile strength equivalent to that of aluminum. (1630kg/cm2)

Electrical characteristics

  • Superior insulating properties (23 kv/mm) and stable dielectric constant.

Sliding properties

  • Low abrasion & friction coefficient, with sound abrasion resistance under high temperature (300℃).

Plasma resistant

  • Superior plasma and stable radiation resistance.

Chemical resistant

  • Superior resistance against toluene, xylene, acetone, and methanol.

Grades and Standards

SCM7000 (unfilled): Natural Grade

SCM7000HP: Low impurity, Outgas Grade

Properties equivalent to those of Natural Grade

Properties Table

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