Endoscopic surgical training model and related products

Endoscopic surgery training model

A variety of organ models are manufactured

A variety of materials are available for manufacturing training models, subject to your usages and purposes.


  • Cost-cutting
  • Hardness is selectable
  • * Shore A hardness is selectable from 20°-90°

Urethane & other rubber

Urethane etc.
  • Softer than silicone and has better elongation
  • * Mechanical properties tend to be lower than silicon

PVA (Polyvinyl alcohol)

  • Electrosurgical conduction
  • Tactile sensation close to human skin
  • * It is electrically conductive and the tactile sensation is closest to body tissue.
    Used for vascular model, simulation using electrocautery and phantom

Sponge (PE, NBR, silicon and various foams)

  • Low cost
  • Light weight
  • Sewable
  • * Low material cost, can reduce cost even for large shape Used in lung model and stomach model

Endoscopic surgery training related products

Procedural Board

Training Box

GET model

Applicable to a variety of skill trainings, incuding EMR, ESD, NBI observation, polypectomy, EST EUS-FNA, calculus crush & removal, papilla cannulation etc. and other skill trainings.

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