Shiga Factory

Shiga Factory


The 5-axis simultaneous controller and multi-tasking machine are linked to 3D CAD/CAM via machine network inside factory to realize process-intensive production pursuing production efficiency and high precision 3D free form processing.


22-2 Hinokigaoka, Minakuchicho, Koka City, Shiga Prefecture.


Site area: 2343m2, total floor space: 2273m2

Machining equipment

Multi-tasking machine, 5 axis multifaceted machining center, ultra high speed high precision portal machining center, CNC lathe, NC milling machine etc.


3D CAD/CAM (MasterCam), automatic 8-pallet change system, 3D measuring instrument, precision universal projector, clean booth, US cleaning machine, vacuum degas sealer, annealing machine, auto-programming, various measuring instrument, dust collector etc.


  • 5-axis multifaceted machining center5-axis multifaceted machining center
  • Multi-tasking machineMulti-tasking machine
  • CNC latheCNC lathe
  • 8-pallet change system8-pallet change system
  • Multi-tasking machineMulti-tasking machine
  • 三次元測定器&投影機3D measuring instrument & projector

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