Sendai Factory

Sendai Factory


A cutting edge factory with anti-vibration floor structure, temperature & humidity control and integrated control system.
The network cameras are installed in each area to monitor processing condition of machines in real time.


2-1-4 Kamisakuragi, Tomiya City, Miyagi Prefecture.


Site area: 3300m2, total floor space: 1400m2

Machining equipment

Linear drive machining center, high speed high precision machining center, special graphite spec machining center etc.


Precision processing area (anti-vibration floor structure), temperature & humidity control system (20℃±1℃, 50%±10%), clean room spec inspection room, clean room (Class 1000 Clean Booth), anti-vibration 3D measuring instrument, vacuum ultrasonic type 3 chamber cleaning machine, 3D CAD CAM (MasterCam X), dust collector, network camera, centralized control system for the air conditioner etc.


  • Precision processing areaPrecision processing area
  • Clean room spec inspection roomClean room spec inspection room
  • Clean roomClean room
  • Monitoring systemMonitoring system
  • Network cameraNetwork camera
  • Temperature & humidity control systemTemperature & humidity control system

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