3D/CT Scan

A variety of scanners are available
An object is converted into a precise digital 3D data.

Remarkable improvement in 3D scanning performance has enabled an object to be converted into precise 3D data, as well as increasing productivity and efficiency.
Yasojima Proceed offers services to meet customers' needs.

A variety of scanning apparatus consist of ;

A wide range of apparatus including high-end scanners and portable scanners are available.
Apparatus most suitable are selected for scanning and extracting a group of points of an object.
The extracted points are exported to printable STL file and converted to IGES/STEP format.

Yasojima Proceed specializes in a variety of 3D modelling and sculpting in the following applications.

Non-contact 3D scanning technique
Industrial 3D scanning,
Modelling, prototyping and mock-upping of parts, exterior parts, trial parts and clays
Full body scan
Faces, arms, legs and other parts are scanned for CG, medical beauty use.
No-contact scan technology is highly recommended for delicate object including cultural heritage and art obejcts

3D scanning procedures

[Fig] 3D scanning procedures
Scan real-world Object
Project precision fringe pattern on scanned object, take photo of fringe pattern converted from shape of object by CCD Camera, process it and convert the 3D shape of object into digital information easily and rapidly.
Optimize data
We use high spec data correction software to correct and edit areas with missing data at area where it is difficult to scan. At that moment, we delete unnecessary areas, minimize the load of data, smoothen the surface and edit it into user friendly data according to customers' requirement.
Complete the 3D data (STL data)
Data created by 3D scanning is in STL format. We can convert it to file format useable by 3D CAD and deliver according to customer's requirement.

Innovation in manufacturing by utilizing scan data

An object, if its drawings and/or specifications are not available, can still be prepared into 3D data (STL) and converted into editable 3D IGES/STEP (intermediate file) for performing required further processing including strength analysis and design changes.

We provide high reliable data according to all requests on creating 3D data (STL) and convert it to intermediate file (IGES/STEP) which is editable on 3D CAD.
Reverse EngineeringMore
We create 3D CAD data. We perform various analysis, fabricate mold for manufacturing (molding/cutting), modeling by 3D Printer etc., and expand it to full scale Reverse Engineering.
Comparison & ValidationMore
We use special software to validate if there is any difference between design data of 3D CAD and real-world product. We ensure the causes of defects and identify location to do design change.
We edit the data into data useable in modeling if you want to change or add design based on 3D data created from scanned data.

Comparison and Validation

Compare & Validate Finished Goods with CAD Data

If there is defect in molding part and after products completed, we may need to validate if it is necessary to change design data of mold or original design data.
We have created validation data for guaranteeing accuracy when we deliver to customers when we process high-precision products in our company.
We will verify customer's product with our validation know-how that we have cultivated through product manufacturing. We will provide a proposal once we have finished product validation.

Validation by Color Mapping

[Image]Validation by Color Mapping

Actual error between actual design CAD data and 3D scan data of the real-world product can be expressed by overlaying two data and creating color map.

Digitize error in detail

2D measurement is performed to meet customers' budgets.

  • [Photo]Image Measuring Instrument
    Image Measuring Instrument
  • [Photo]3D Measuring Instrument
    3D Measuring Instrument

Our Scanners

3D Scanner (Camera)

Breuckman Co., Ltd smartSCAN(white light)/smartSCAN-HE(green light)

[Photo]Breuckman Co., Ltd smart SCAN
Number of Camera Pixel 2.0MPix(SmartSCAN)
Measurement range of 1 shot 125-1250mm
* Range varies by lens (refer to table below)
Data format ASC, STL, PLY, VRML
SmartSCAN Scope
Types of Lens Range (mm) Measurement Accuracy (μm)
M-125 x90 × y65 × z40 ±10
M-250 x205 × y150 × z120 ±20
M-550 x420 × y310 × z260 ±44
SmartSCAN-HE Scope
Types of Lens Range (mm) Measurement Accuracy (μm)
S-125 x100 × y95 × z60 ±8
M-400 x285 × y280 × z220 ±25
M-850 x600 × y600 × z400 ±53
L-1250 x910 × y910 × z600 ±79

ATOS core 500

[Photo]ATOSⅢ Triple Scan
Measurement Range x500 × y380 × z380mm
Measurement distance 440mm
Point-to-point distance 0.19mm
Pixel number 5.0MPix

3D Scanner (Laser)

FARO Edge Scan Arm HD

[Photo]FARO Edge Scan Arm HD
Edge Contact Type Spec
Measurement Range Fixed Point Repeatability Measurement Accuracy (Distance between two points)
2.7 m 0.029 mm ±0.041 mm
FARO Laser Line Probe Specification
Accuracy Repeatability Scanning Range Resolution Min inter-point pitch
Min Max
±25μm 25μm,2σ Distance 115 mm Distance 230 mm 2,000
Scan width 80 mm Scan width 150 mm
Handy Scanner (3 types)
Artec Eva

Texture (Color Info) Reading
3D Resolution (Max) 0.5mm 0.1mm
3D Accuracy (Max) 0.1mm 0.05mm
Object distance 3D Accuracy (Max) 0.03% (100cm) 0.03% (100cm)
Texture Accuracy 1.3mp 1.3mp
Number of colors 24bpp 24bpp
Light source Flashbulb
(Blue LED)
Handling Range 0.4m - 1m 0.17m - 0.35m
Range of Shortest Photographing Distance (H×W) 214 × 148 mm 90 × 70 mm
Range of Longest Photographing Distance (H×W) 536 × 371mm 180 × 140mm
Photographing Range (Angle) 30 × 21° 30 × 21°
Video Frame Rate 16fps 7.5fps
Exposure Time 0.0002s 0.0005s
Data acquisition speed (Max) 2,000,000 dot/sec 1,000,000 dot/sec
Dimension (H/D/W) 261.5 × 158.2 × 63.7mm 190 × 100 × 130mm
Weight 0.85kg 0.85kg
Artec L
Texture (Color Info) Reading Not Available
3D Resolution (Max) 1.0mm
3D Accuracy (Max) 0.2mm
Object Distance 3D Accuracy (Max) 0.15%
(Above 100cm)
Texture Accuracy Not acquirable
Number of colors Not acquirable
Light source Flashbulb
Measurement distance 0.8 – 1.6m
Range of Shortest Photographing Distance (H×W) 598 × 459mm
Range of Longest Photographing Distance (H×W) 1196 × 918mm
View Scope (Angle) 41 x 32°
Video Frame Rate 15fps
Exposure Time 0.0002s
Data Acquisition Time (Max) 288,000dot/sec
Dimension (H/D/W) 353 × 114 × 70mm
Weight 2.3kg

Micro CT Scanner

[Photo]Micro CT Scanner
Item Content
X-Ray Generator Output 90/130KV
Focus Size 5μm
Imaging System 4/2 inch I.I.
(2-Step Switching)
Photographing Range Φ100mm
Resolution 5μm
Max Dimension Φ100 × H150mm
Max Weight Max 5kg

Example for 3D scan-based model

Objects which require non-contact measurement, including cultural assets, can be replicated and painted as an exhibit. The data of each object are 3D scanned, and used to form a 3D model of the object. These tea cups were replicated as an image sample.

3D Technology service

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