3D CAD design

Many achievements in the robotic, automobiles and medical fields.
Work load and cost have also been minimized.

"We want to fully utilize 3D Printer but we can't manage to cover design and data preparation due to limited manpower".
Contact us ! Having designed numerous products in the medical, robotic and automobile industries by using 3D CAD and being specialized in 3D printing, the Yasojima Proceed engineers assist customers in design work. The developed, enhanced and inherited know-hows are the asset of Yasojima Proceed. Images required by customers will be created in optimal conditions, while deciding on machining methods and ensuring to minimize cost. Yasojima Proceed, with its unique engineering technology and skills, aims to support customers in the areas of design work load and cost reduction as well as prompting manufacturing trial products.

3D CAD design

3D CAD designing on a variety of products including production facilities, jigs, robotic arm hands and parts are manufactured, upon requests from customers..

* Product analysis can also be available at the design stage

Flow of design work

Structure optimization

Optimal structure, decided by applying the 3 simulation technologies is proposed. The 3 simulation technologies include "Dimensional Optimization" with which dimensions are used as variables for optimization, "Shape Optimization" with which external shapes are used as variables for optimization and "Topology Optimization" which is now becoming popular as design technique enabling weight to be trimmed.

Lightweight design by Topology Optimization

FEM Analysis

CAE (FEM) analysis can be performed on product in a wide range of fields including small parts to structures.
The combination of 3D scanning and 3D printing enables development/product manufacturing process to be prompted.

3D Technology service

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