The ultimate quality is the result of refined technology. Yasojima Proceed's state-of-art technology offers solutions to all 3D printing.

Long before a society learned of 3D printing, Yasojima Proceed began 3D printing services. With numerous trials and errors, the most innovative 3D printing technologies, together with unique know-hows, have been developed and become available to meet specific needs of customers.
Need prototypes in hurry? Need mass produced 3D models? Need objects and drawings in 3D? Need physical burden reduced and improved production efficiency? The state-of-art 3D technologies and world-class services are available at Yasojima. Outstanding results are guaranteed.

Strong Point

  • State-of-art technology and unique know-how accumulated in a manufacturing industry for over 80 years in manufacturing
  • Comprehensive services covering scanning, design and manufacturing and integrative capacity in 3D printing
  • Outstanding achievements and extensive experiences in a variety of fields including the industrial, medical, construction fields.
  • Challenging spirits of Yasojima engineers who provide solutions to customers' needs.


3D DesignMore
Detailed 3D CAD design services developed in rich experiences enables workload to be minimized, while also applicable to light-weight design utilizing topology optimization.
Reverse EngineeringMore
3D reverse engineering includes the capturing of object geometry, by using laser and light 3D scanner and the reconstructing of it in a 3D model. The most user friendly 3D models can be created from scanned data, subject to application and purpose. Comparison and validation is performed by using color mapping. Reverse engineering with outstanding achievement
3D PrintingMore
A variety of high-end 3D printers including a large size printer equipped with maximum size printing capacity are available. Requests on shapes, sizes, materials and other requirements are promptly processed.
3D/CT ScanMore
A variety of scanners including high-end 3D scanners, CT scanner and cutting-edge laser scanners are available at Yasojima Proceed for optimal selection of the models to satisfy customers' needs, including 3D data processing. On-Site scanning services and data comparison and validation service are also available.

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